TV Tax Credit advances, made simple. 

Quick loans that use your future TV tax relief as collateral in four simple steps.

  • What is TV tax relief?

    In order to encourage TV production within the UK, the Government offers a tax incentive for those that create high-end television. By providing TV tax credits, also known as TV tax relief, the Government allows businesses to claim a corporation tax rebate at the end of the company’s financial year.

  • What is a TV tax credit loan?

    Unlike the Government’s long and lengthy tax relief process, Buzz Capital can place your future tax credits into your account within a matter of days. Our affordable loans use the future funds you are entitled to as collateral; boosting your cash flow for you to spend how you wish.

  • How can I get a TV tax credit loan?

    Filling out our easy application form is the first step towards gaining a loan. Buzz’s superior, speedy and simplistic loan process provides you with fast access to your TV tax relief. Once complete, we provide you with a terms sheet with the relevant legal documents. We then make the payment straight into your business account following signature. It’s that simple.

  • What are the key requirements for TV tax relief?

    There are three key requirements that are compulsory when claiming a TV tax credit:

    -The programme must be intended for broadcast to the general public

    -The programme must be certified as British – to qualify, you must pass a cultural test or qualify through an internationally agreed co-production treaty

    -25% of the total core expenditure must be spent within the UK

    -A minimum core expenditure of £1 million per broadcast hour

    The TV tax relief process is administered firstly by the BFI (who are responsible for certifying a TV production as British), and the HMRC (who review your claim when you submit your corporation tax return at the end of your financial year). There is some helpful guidance on both the BFI website and the HMRC website that Buzz Capital highly recommends reviewing prior to an enquiry.

  • How much can I claim from TV tax relief?

    The payable tax credit can be up to 25% of UK core expenditure, yet restricted to 80% of total core expenditure. If you are looking for quick access to your funds, Buzz calculates the exact figure in the initial stages of our service. Contact a friendly member of our team today to see how much you are entitled to.

  • How long does it take to get a TV tax credit loan?

    Beat the waiting game of the rigid Government tax relief structure with Buzz! Following a successful application to a qualified business. we aim to have the tax relief advance paid into your business account within a matter of days. A number of factors can influence the process, but our knowledgeable industry experts handle them with ease.

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