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Types of secured business loans
Truly bespoke, custom loans to match your business needs and circumstances.

Benefits of secured Property Loans & R&D Tax Credit Loans

At Buzz Capital, we know how important it is for you to find the right type of loan and terms for your business. Our financial solutions make it easy for business owners like you to budget, with a clear timeline of the terms and when repayments are due.

Lower Repayment Terms & Interest Rates

Repayment terms and interest rates on secured business loans are lower than many other types of small business loans, such as unsecured business loans. This is because they require some form of security reducing the risks to lenders.

Tailored Financial Solutions

Property Bridging and Development and R&D tax credit loans designed to suit your specific needs. Buzz Capital understands the unique challenges of different businesses and crafts bespoke financial solutions.


We’re not a big lender but the cash is all ours (private, not from an institutional lender or crowd-sourced) so we can take a view on things without having to go through layers of bureaucracy.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Low-interest rates within the market. Competitive rates available, making our loans affordable for your business.

Generous Terms and Loan Amounts

Borrow up to £1 million with Buzz Capital’s small business loans. Flexible terms and generous loan amounts to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

Transparent Service

Buzz Capital prides itself on clear and transparent services. Understand your loan terms, repayment schedule, and obligations with clarity.

Quick access to loans

Same-day terms agreed, ensuring rapid release of funds. Fast-track your projects with swift access to the capital you need.

Ideal for Various Business Needs

Perfect for property bridging loans, supporting property development initiatives. Ideal for R&D tax credit loans, catering to businesses engaged in innovative ventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A loan that is ‘secured’ against some of the valuable assets of your business. For example, for our property finance and development loans, we accept most types of property as security.

These loans have fixed interest rates that will not change over the loan term.

Other types of loans we provide — such as our R&D tax credit loans and our VGTR loans — simply give you the tax credit relief your business is entitled to upfront so that you can reinvest the money now. The loan amount is repaid after you receive your tax credit relief.

The amount you can borrow depends on the value of the assets you pledge. We lend up to 75% of the asset value. So, if you wanted a loan of £100,000 it would need the backing of an asset worth approximately 25% more than that. 

Assets can consist of commercial assets such as land, equipment, vehicles and machinery. Even personal assets such as residential property are considered as security. A personal guarantee might be a requirement if you are a sole trader or your business is a limited liability partnership.

If you are looking for an R&D loan, or other creative loan then you can advance up to 80% of the tax credit relief you are claiming back from HMRC.

You’ll repay your secured business loan over an agreed term. Typically, fees and interest rates are rolled up, meaning the interest is included within the gross loan and deducted, leaving a Day 1 advance with no monthly interest payments. 

Compared with unsecured loans, secured business loans are often easier to qualify for. This is because they are of a reduced risk to the lender, offering some form of security thus enabling  attractive terms  and lower interest rates.

Unlike many British business banks, we don’t require lengthy business plans in order to qualify you for a loan. But you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must own valuable assets to act as security, or be eligible for R&D tax relief if seeking an R&D loan upfront
  • Be based in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Be registered in the UK if you are a limited company or sole trader
  • Have been trading for 3+ months
  • You may also have to prove your business has been performing quite well recently if you have a poor credit rating

Yes. If you fail to meet the terms and default, your commercial property business assets — and your personal assets if you have used them as security may be repossessed to cover the outstanding costs of the loan.

At Buzz Capital, we work with a variety of businesses to help them secure the cash flow they need to complete projects. You may be eligible for a secured business loan even if you have a poor credit score or bad credit history, so contact Buzz Capital for more information.

Many lenders will add the record of your secured business loan to your credit file. This may reduce your credit score. However, by continuing to meet the agreed terms and completing repayment of the loan on time will usually have a positive impact on your credit score.