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Learn more about video games tax relief and find out if you’re eligible to save up to 25% with our frequently asked questions.

  • What is Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR)?

    It is a creative industry tax relief incentive that is funded by the UK Government. It is also known as the UK Games Tax Relief Scheme.

    VGTR was created to help and support British video game development companies (VGDCs) who are working on the designs, development and testing of video games.

  • How much can I claim for VGTR?

    Up to 25% of the core production costs. If the game makes money (i.e. is profitable) then your VGTR is capped at 20%. It can also be used to help reduce your corporation tax.

    If the game is loss-making, that’s when HMRC is more likely to give you a payable credit tax claim capped at 25%.

    UK game developers can claim VGTR on either the actual EEA core expenditure or 80% of the total core expenditure (whichever is the lowest).

  • What are the requirements for Video Game Tax Relief?

    You can qualify if:

    -The game is certified as British by the British Film Institute (BFI)

    -The video game is produced for supply to the general public

    -Your company is responsible for almost all of the planning, designing, testing, and developing (i.e. the ‘core expenditures’ of the game). However, please not that some things do not count as core expenditure. For example, original concept art or post-release debugging

    -You have spent at least 25% of your core expenditure on goods and services provided within the European Economic Area (EEA)

    -Your company is in control of all negotiations surrounding contracts, goods and services during the production of the video game

    -The process is administered by the BFI (who are responsible for certifying a game as British), and HMRC who will review your claim when you submit your corporation tax return after your financial year-end

    -The intention is to release the game commercially. It should NOT be created for advertising/promotion or gambling

    There is some helpful guidance on both the BFI website and HMRC website which we highly recommend reviewing prior to making any claim.

  • When should you claim VGTR?

    At the end of your company’s financial year along with your CT600 (Corporation Tax Return).

    But this doesn’t have to be the case. With our VGTR loans, you can apply at any time without being constrained by Government deadlines.

  • What devices are eligible for VGTR?

    The following devices are eligible: video game consoles, PCs, televisions, tablets, smartphones and other handheld devices.

  • What is the process for claiming VGTR?

    You can claim VGTR as a part of your Company Tax Return (CT600) when you file it with HMRC.

  • Does my video game have to pass a cultural test?

    Yes. To be certified by the BFI certified it will need to have made a significant cultural contribution to the UK. At least, that’s according to the Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport.

    The cultural test is points-based. You get bonus points for using UK facilities to create parts of the game. For example, storyboarding. Or if the game has significant British-based cultural content. For example, it is set in the UK. Or it has British lead characters.

    The BFI will monitor your decision-making and issue interim certificates as you progress, along with a final certificate if you meet all the relevant criteria.

Boost your cash flow immediately with a VGTR loan.

It can take the UK Government a very long time to process the payable tax credits you’re entitled to.

With a loan from us, you can boost your cash flow now rather than having to wait for a later date.
Get your money in days — not months or years. And take your project forward now rather than later with a cash lump sum.

To do this, we’ll simply use your future gaming tax credit claim as collateral to help provide you with an affordable loan. Then once you receive your VGTR claim, you can use the proceeds from it to pay us back. Easy!

Get your UK video game tax relief — it only takes 5 minutes

“We were looking to bridge the gap in cashflow due to a number of investments falling through, the team at Buzz were amazingly fast at putting together a VGTR loan for us that seemed to be competitive and with fair terms. We had a constant line of communication with the team and they were very easy to work with. I’d highly recommend them to other studios looking for alternative financing and we’ll likely be using them again in the future”.

Justin French | Dream Harvest

Getting your VGTR sooner will give you a competitive edge in the industry.

With our Video Games Tax Relief loans you can get that crucial money sooner. Helping you to both secure investments, and to invest yourself in more quality development.

The games industry can be very risky. Getting your corporation tax relief sooner and at the maximum amount can offset the huge risks spent on production.

Game production companies can also, in many instances, afford to charge less for the finished video game.

Get the maximum VGTR for your business and get it NOW.

Stay competitive and win over the confidence of investors by getting your money in just a few days after a 5-minute application.

Our expert team has a 100% record in getting the most VGTR for UK game developers from SMEs to the largest businesses.

We will identify all of your qualifying expenditures and eligible expenses. Many of these things are missed by in-house teams and accountants during the accounting period — and they all add up. We can help you claim money back on everything they’ve missed.

And we can make sure your claim is handled promptly, thanks to our close working connections with HMRC’s R&D tax relief units and more.

Please get in touch for any further information and visit our home page for more information about our secured business loans.

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