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Our simple process to access a Theatre Tax Relief backed loan

Increase your cashflow in four simple steps.

Theatre Tax Credit | Buzz Capital

  • What is Theatre Tax Relief?

    Theatre Tax Relief (TTR), or Tax Credits, is an incentive scheme developed by the Government in aim to support theatrical production companies. This allows theatrical businesses to claim Tax Credits back at the end of the company’s financial year to reinvest into their projects.

  • What is a Theatre Tax Credit Loan?

    The process of claiming Theatre Tax Relief is rigid, forcing you to wait around for the funds you are entitled to. That’s where Buzz Capital comes in, providing advanced Tax Relief Loans based on future business Tax Credits. Why wait for an increased cash flow when you can have it now?

  • How can I get a Theatre Tax Credit Loan?

    You can set the initial stages of a loan application with Buzz Capital in motion by filling out our online application form. Our team will then reach out to you to find a little more information about you, your business, and the amount of money you would be able to lend. If everything runs smoothly, you can have the money in your business account within days.

  • What companies are entitled to Theatre Tax Relief?

    You are entitled to Theatre Tax Relief if your company puts on one of the following productions: 

    – Plays

    – Opera

    – Musicals

    – Ballet

    – Dramatic piece 

    – Live performances through the playing of roles

  • Who cannot claim?

    Your company cannot claim Theatre Tax Relief for the production if: 

    – Wild animals are used in any performances

    – The performance includes a competition or a contest

    – The production is of a sexually-explicit nature 

    – One of the main purposes is to advertise or promote goods/services.

  • How can your business qualify for Theatre Tax Relief?

    To qualify, the majority of your performances must be played to paying members of the general public. Or, alternatively, be provided for educational purposes. For those looking to claim Theatre Tax Credits, at least 25% of core expenditure must have been spent on goods and services within the European Economic Area (EEA).

    Your company must also be actively engaged in planning, negotiating and decision making surrounding contracts, rights, goods and services. If you wish to learn whether your business is eligible for a Tax Relief Loan, get in touch today.

  • How much can you claim from Theatre Tax Credits?

    Theatrical companies can claim between 20-25% of pre-performance costs. In order to qualify, the company must subject to UK corporation tax. But don’t worry, we work out how much we think you will be entitled to in the initial stages of our service and let you know the exact figure.

  • How long does it take to access Theatre Tax Credits?

    The nature of Theatre Tax Relief is inflexible in its structure, forcing you to wait until the end of your company’s year to claim what’s rightfully yours. At Buzz Capital, we do the opposite, proving you with your Theatre Tax Reliefs upfront so you can spend as you please. We aim to have the cash in your business account within a matter of days. 

Interested? Why not give us a buzz. 

If you want to access your Theatre Tax Credits now rather than later, we are here to help. Our team specialise in providing creative companies with fast access to an increased level of cash flow. 

Our specialist team use a speedy and skilful approach throughout the entirety of our Tax Credit Loan service. Once we have ironed out the minor details, you can simply have your money and be on your way. Contact a friendly member of our team today to find out more.

Fantastic working with Buzz Capital on this project. The first of many I’m sure. Joe, Alena, Marcus and the team have been a pleasure to deal with, the process was smooth & the team guided me throughout. I will be recommending their services to my fellow producers.

Stephen McGill | McGill Productions | Producer

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