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An essential part of the filmmaking process is pre-selling the rights to certain select territories. Pre-selling rights can enable you to do certain crucial things, such as:

  • You can use pre-sales to help demonstrate market interest in your project before you create the actual content. 
  • Investors will be far more likely to offer you funding once you have secured a certain percentage of the overall budget through pre-sales.
  • You can borrow funding secured against your pre-sales to help fund your production budget, so you can make film or TV programmes without risking your own capital. 

At Buzz Capital, we are one of the leading pre sale financing companies whom can give you the cashflow you need. It is straightforward to apply for our pre-sales funding. Simply drop us an email and we will respond right away.

  • What is a pre-sale for a film or TV production?

    When creating a film or TV project, you are creating content which has a commercial value to buyers around the world. These buyers can include film distributors, broadcasters and platforms seeking content for their customers and audiences. You could either sell rights in your content directly yourself or use a mediator such as a sales agent with an established network to do so for a commission. A pre-sale is when you enter into an agreement with a suitable buyer for them to acquire the rights in your project for an agreed price. Payment is then usually provided in installments at various milestones through the production process, and sometimes for a period of time after the production is completed.

  • What do I need to pre-sell rights in my production?

    To pre-sell rights in a production, you usually need a number of elements including a great pitch, great talent with a high marketable value and a great track record. The more attractive the elements, the more likely you are to be able to achieve a pre sale. 

  • What is pre-sale financing?

    Once you have pre-sold rights in your production to a suitable buyer, you can approach a lender like Buzz Capital to provide a loan secured against the relevant pre-sale contracts. This will enable you to draw funds much earlier in the production process. The loan is usually then repaid from revenues as and when they are received. 

  • Who is pre-sale financing suitable for?

    Pre-sale finance is the perfect choice for most independent filmmakers who have received backing from a solid broadcaster, distributor or streaming platform (such as BBC, Amazon or Netflix).

  • How long can the term of the pre-sale loan be for?

    The term of the loan can depend on a number of factors and is usually aligned with the payment milestones of the relevant pre-sale contract against which it is being secured.

  • How quickly can you access funds from a pre-sale loan?

    Funds are usually accessible as soon as you have secured the balance of funding required to complete and deliver the production.

Sound good? Give us a buzz.  

Pre-Sales financing could be the perfect solution for your creative project.

Contact a member of the Buzz Capital team today to see how we can help your business grow.

As an independent TV production company working without guaranteed resources, pulling together a multi party funded project is never easy, and can be stressful. The need for gap financing can only add to that. But from the outset, Buzz were 100% engaged, supportive and most importantly for me, interested in the content I was actually producing! Communication was swift, clear and friendly throughout. The Buzz approach to financing recognises all the challenges the producer is faced with in terms of budget, editorial demand and timescales. I would love to work with them again.

Patsi Mackenzie | CEO | Sorbier Productions Ltd

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