Buzz Capital joins The Association of Short Term Lenders

Buzz Capital has become the latest lender to join the Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL).

What Is The ‘Association of Short Term Lenders’?

The Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL) exists to protect and promote the interests of its members while also instilling trust in all parties who do business with them. Our members follow a strict code of conduct; they are typically bridging and secured loan companies that provide loans and mortgages for short periods of time, typically ranging from six months to one year.

Why We Have Joined The ‘Association of Short Term Lenders’?

Brighton-based, Buzz Capital provides simple, straightforward bridging finance up to 75% LTV for a range of purposes, including purchase, refinance and refurbishment of residential or semi-commercial property; commercial to residential conversions and development exits, as well as bespoke financial solutions for individuals with complex circumstances.

David Peck, Property Director at Buzz Capital, says: “At Buzz Capital, we provide affordable property business loans to customers who want to achieve growth in the property development sector. Our skilled team offers property finance expertise, helping projects to reach their full potential, and we believe in open, transparent, and customer-focused solutions. This focus on the best outcomes for the end customer aligns closely with the ethos and objectives of the ASTL and we are proud to become members of such a well-respected association.”

Vic Jannels, CEO of the ASTL, says: “I’d like to welcome Buzz Capital to the ASTL and look forward to working with them in helping to promote the short term lending sector and the importance of high standards. As with all our members, Buzz Capital commits to the ASTL Code of Conduct, which is built on fairness, customer focus, and transparency. I would encourage all brokers seeking a short-term lending solution for their clients, to look for ASTL membership as a badge of quality.”

To find out more about the ASTL please visit: www.theastl.org

To find out more about Buzz Capital please visit: buzzcapital.co.uk or contact David Peck at David@buzzcapital.co.uk