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Today, Fundamentally Games announces their partnership with Buzz Capital which will create a unique UA Testing Program aimed at breaking the #Gamedev glass ceiling.

For many game developers, getting to the point where you can prove that you have the potential to scale is challenging and needs both funding and relevant expertise to break through the ‘glass ceiling’. This UA Testing Program makes it possible for games to be tested early, and by doing so will help developers ensure that their game has the potential to scale before it is even released.

As part of Fundamentally Games’ recently announced expansion into publishing, this announcement illustrates its commitment to getting involved in supporting developers and their games earlier than other publishers and UA funds. The ability to access funding to support user acquisition has become pivotal to the digital games economy and can make a huge difference to the chances and scale of a game’s success. Yet reaching the point where a game qualifies for existing UA funding requires market testing, UA spend and effective data capture and analysis, all of which are a challenge for many developers. Fundamentally Games believes that great games are being missed due to this approach, and along with Buzz Capital are looking to change this, through the new UA Testing Program.

Fundamentally Games will then provide full UA funding for games that are ready to scale. This should ultimately mean that all games published by Fundamentally Games can get UA support for pre-market testing, all the way through to rapid scaling of UA as the game grows.

“Finding a finance partner who has the flexibility and an understanding of the needs of games companies, like Buzz Capital, is really important. We can’t wait to see how we can help more developers with their support.”
– Ella Romanos, COO, Fundamentally Games

Buzz Capital provides simple and straightforward finance solutions for businesses across a range of sectors. Their traditional focus has been to provide loans to help accelerate payment of things like R&D Tax credits and Creative Industry Tax credits (including Video Games Relief (VGTR), Film, TV, Theatre and Animation), as well as for approved grants. Working out how to better support the video games sector has long been an ambition for Buzz hence why their partnership with Fundamentally Games makes a lot of sense.

“There is so much amazing content that is currently getting lost in the crowd. We believe bringing together the financial resources of Buzz Capital with the games industry knowledge of Fundamentally Games will be a game changer for many developers. Simple transparent funding for early-stage games and teams is essential to help unlock their true potential.”

-Adam Betteridge, COO, Buzz Capital

To find out more, visit www.fundamentally.games

About Fundamentally Games

Fundamentally Games Ltd was founded in 2019 to focus on bringing games to live, helping game developers with managing live operations to scale their game. Their engagement-led strategy aims to scale games faster by getting more players, doing more things, more often and for longer. Now offering publishing and UA funding with a commitment to transparency and genuine partnership with developers.

About Buzz Capital

Formed in 2018, Buzz Capital seeks to support businesses, by providing, simple and straightforward finance solutions. The team has many years of experience structuring bespoke financing arrangements for a variety of businesses across various sectors, offering both debt and equity-based solutions.