What Would Famous Animated Characters Tinder Profiles Look Like?

Dating has grown into something never believed conceivable before the arrival of modern technology—a method to connect with someone without ever leaving your sofa. There has become too much of an ease in choosing a potential partner purely because of their looks or how quickly they can grab your attention with a funny pickup line. 


The idea of meeting someone on a night out, at work, even at a ball, or staring at them across the sea, maybe judging them on their intellect and personality rather than their appearance until they transform into a lovely prince. Who has time for that? 


We see a feeling of innocence in animations; they are frequently a homage to a certain time or era, and their innocence and conventional love tale are extremely Disney/Pixar-esque. However, we have to wonder if our favourite cartoon characters would be drawn to Tinder and, if so, what their accounts would look like.


Lord Farquaad – Shrek


Captain Hook – Peter Pan



Lumiere – Beauty and the Beast



Carl Fredricksen – UP



Donkey – Shrek



Genie – Aladdin



Buzz Lightyear – Toy Story



Elsa – Frozen



Jack Skellig – The Nightmare Before Christmas



Puss in Boots



Mike Wazoski – Monsters Inc



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