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Fast Funding – Quick Tax Credit Relief Loans For Creative Industries

In need of a loan to help fund your next project? Need a little financial support to help you build your creative business? Buzz Capital is here to help, with our straightforward, easy to access creative industry tax relief loans along with various other creative business solutions. 

We fully appreciate how confusing it can be when trying to understand what is the most appropriate funding to apply for. That’s why we’ve compiled guidance to help you work out how to inject some extra funding into your cashflow. 


What is a creative industry tax credit relief loan?

Waiting till after your financial year ends to receive your tax credit payment can often feel too long, particularly if you have a hole in your cash flow that you need to fill. We understand that sometimes you need access to money urgently to help drive your creative business forwards. 

With a creative industry tax relief loan, we can offer you a potential finance solution. First of all, we work with you or your tax relief adviser to assess what your tax credit payment could be worth. Based on this assessment, we can then offer you a loan to be repaid from your tax credit when it is eventually paid by HMRC.


Who can apply for a creative industry tax relief loan?

To apply for creative industry tax relief funding, you must be working within the creative industries in one of the following sectors: 

You must be a UK registered business and be submitting a corporation tax return each year to HMRC. To find out more about how your business can qualify for the creative industry tax relief, please click here.

Or alternatively, please contact our team today so they can help you work out whether your business fits the requirements for a quick and easy creative industry tax relief loan. 


How to apply for a creative industry tax credit loan

Applying for a creative business loan doesn’t need to be a complicated process. With Buzz Capital, we’ve worked hard to make sure the process is as straightforward as possible. 

You can begin the process by completing one of our simple application forms. Or, if you prefer, you can get in touch with one of our experienced financial experts who can help initiate your application and answer any questions you might have. 

By choosing Buzz Capital for your creative industry tax credit loan, you can simply receive the funds you are entitled to at a much earlier stage – and be on your way!


How quickly can Buzz arrange a loan for your creative business?

At Buzz Capital, our staff are experts in all things surrounding creative business funding. 

When filling out an application with us, you can receive your required funds in as little as a couple of weeks or even a few days. So far, our personal best for completing a creative industry tax relief loan application from start to finish in just three days! 


Apply for creative business funding today

Give us a buzz today and let us be your creative business financial solution of choice. See how quickly we can secure financial support for your next creative venture. 

Complete our online application here or speak to one of our professional and friendly experts who can answer any further questions you may have regarding your creative industry tax relief loan. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!